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Business Brokerage Services

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About being a Business Transfer agents

We offer our clients a full range of services related to selling or buying businesses. As business transfer agents we are highly experienced in guiding sellers and buyers through the entire process of a business changing hands by supporting or representing our clients through the entire transfer process.

Think long-term

In our range of business transfer services we can provide various numbers of services benefiting all involved parties. We may function as a support in various phases of a transaction or handle the entire transfer process on behalf of a client. When we represent a party in a business transaction we will naturally put the client’s interest at first hand and strive for the best values by way of using generally accepted safe transfer procedures. In the process we will report to the client only when important decisions need to be made and advice on the best possible next step. 


  • Estimating the true value and the Most Probable Selling Price Valuation of businesses
  • Registering interested parties and providing them with necessary information


  • Compiling a presentation of your company or business
  • Advertising the sale officially as well as via our own global channels


  • Due Diligence – investigating parties’ ability to carry through a transaction or companies and find out about the actual status of businesses                                         


  • Drafting agreements – assembling all the necessary agreements for a transaction


  • Handling pre-negotiations leading to a potential deal


  • Finalizing transactions and transfers - ensuring that all parties’ assets are transferred according to executed agreements.