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Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Integrated Edge provides a comprehensive range of strategic and financial advice in mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, and other corporate finance areas. Integrated Edge provide solutions and premium consultation and management services for boards of directors of large and mid-cap companies to assist them in highly strategic and financially important transactions.

Private & Public Placement Advisory

Integrated Edge’s Private Placement Advisory brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer tailored planning, structuring and execution of private capital transactions for the company’s clients and partners.

Our experience and insight into the global private fund market, allows us to attract potential investors and raise the right capital for our clients both efficiently and effectively.

Personalized advisory services and full support are provided from the very early stages, including business plan review, financial, structural, and operational evaluation of the business, development of communication links and support in negotiations with potential investors, to ensure a smooth process.

Equity Capital Markets

Offering a prescriptive advisory approach for each transaction to our clients, who are seeking access to equity capital markets.

Integrated-edge aims at leading the market in underwriting new terms of equity in the stock exchange markets. We strongly believe in the imperative to increase trading liquidity in the region and to attract capital. Our ambition to gain leadership in extensive initial public offerings is based on our commitment to developing unique expertise in complex transactions, strengthening our research protocols, and building track records and distribution capabilities. A critical factor in our equity underwriting effort will be to create a close working relationship between investment advisors, research analysts, and sales force coordinated by our investment banking department.

Debt Advisory

Raising or restructuring financing under the most effective terms for our clients. Our Debt Advisory comprises experienced individuals who have a deep understanding of the debt capital markets, through which our clients and partners can raise or retain financing according to their needs. This includes additional funding, enhanced growth and refinancing of existing borrowings.

Having the ability to resolve such complex and usually pressing situations, identify the most appropriate structure, provide liquidity and achieve the most advantageous and sustainable terms for our clients and partners.

We provide solution for raising debt financing for both conventional. Islamic companies, and individuals. Our debt advisory services are ideal for groups, a specific acquisition, projects, refinancing of existing finance, and disposal of assets, companies, or stakes. We increase targeted funding from banks or financial institutions, or government-related entities.

Integrated-Edge provides corporates with swift debt advisory services, especially if you are looking for

  •  Optimizing pricing and the covenants of new financing.
  • Accelerating fund-raising process.
  • Bridge financing or improve leverage on existing investment.
  • Establishing connections with banks or financial institutions with whom the corporate has no established relationships without jeopardizing existing relationships.
  • Secure funding from countries (in the GCC or abroad), outside home country.
  • An exploration of several, parallel financing options, such as syndicated load & bond offering, or pre-IPO placement & IPO.

Buy Side Advisory

•  Strategic Expansion Evaluation

•  Target Identification & Valuation

•  Due diligence coordination

•  Assessment of possible synergies

Sell Side Advisory

•  Transaction Structuring

•  Identification of potential buyers

•  Deal Sourcing

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Advisory professionals understand the complexity that mergers and acquisitions entail and do take into consideration the regulatory and tax restrictions, provide clients with both strategic advice and tactical support at every stage of the transaction accordingly.

The Mergers and Acquisitions by integrated-edge plays an active role throughout the entire process, from the commercial valuation to negotiations and execution, providing ongoing support and guidance in order to achieve maximum value while meeting client’s strategic objectives.

The financial analysis and valuation of the planned transaction are followed by an assessment of alternatives and a detailed strategy mapping to ensure the smooth progress of the transaction

Corporate Restructuring

Our Restructuring expertise has extensive experience in thoroughly reviewing businesses, identifying and analyzing potential financial, structural and operational risks and addressing them accordingly through a corporate strategy redesign and / or the implementation of a financial restructuring plan. Helping them regain growth and value and ultimately achieve business stabilization.

Transaction Structuring

Optimal transaction structure that drives growth. Our Transaction Advisory experts provide world-class solutions that support a broad range of complex strategic and tactical transactions, such as Joint Ventures, Divestures taking into consideration all required Accounting, Tax, Legal and Shareholder restrictions, which can add a level of complexity to transactions.

Our ability to analyze and assess market data, along with our extensive transactional expertise empowers us to identify both opportunities and threats, evaluate and ultimately achieve the optimal transaction structure that drives growth for our clients whilst managing the risks.

Both strategic advisory and transactional services are provided throughout the transaction process, from negotiation to completion ensuring that the final transaction structure is consistent with our client’s strategic goals and that maximum value is achieved.